A List Of Powerful Research Paper Topics On Obesity

You’ve decided to write a research paper on obesity, but you might be struggling to come up with topics that will be highly meaningful and effective. Obesity can be an important and emotional topic to write about, due to the fact that obesity is having an impact on large amounts of people across the globe. Here are some topics that you might consider.

5 Powerful Research Paper Obesity Topic Ideas

  • Obesity and Eating Out
  • How does going out to eat effect our lives and our weight? We often hear that people who cook at home more are less likely to be obese, but what factors are involved? Does it matter where we go out to eat, and how frequently? Think about the differences, if any, between going to a fast food restaurant and a sit-down restaurant.

  • The Cause of Childhood Obesity
  • Childhood obesity is a real world problem that has been growing in recent years. What is the primary cause of children experiences unhealthy weight gain? Video games and television relating to obesity in children is a commonly talked about topic, but what is the science and data behind children who play a lot of indoor games versus children who don’t?

  • Childhood Obesity and Developmental Growth
  • Assess how childhood obesity impacts a child’s developmental growth. Do obese children struggle more in school? Is obesity tied in with depression in children and young adults? Consider specific factors that interlace with obesity and the physical, mental, and emotional growth of children.

  • Genetic Versus Lifestyle Obesity
  • Are some people born with a greater chance of having obesity simply based on their genetics? You might have observed that families who have a history of obesity are more likely to be obese. Can we blame genetics, or is there a combination of factors that include lifestyle choices and other genetic disorders? This can be a sensitive but important topic that effects people every day.

  • Hobbies and Obesity Solutions
  • If you’d like to write a research paper that moves toward a positive solution to reducing obesity, consider the benefits of having a hobby. Hobbies can get us outside and help us become more active while we do things that we enjoy. Examine different types of hobbies, such as sports, hiking, bird-watching, and so on. How can obesity solutions tie in with people’s hobbies?

Are you still not sure about the direction your research paper on obesity should take? Do you need more ideas and inspiration to get started? Try this out to help you write a well-rounded, original, and impressive research paper covering topics that are relevant and influential.