A Collection Of Research Paper Topics: Drug Addiction

Drug addiction and its management is a topic of huge debate. Right now there is no consensus on the best way to treat drug addicts and every country, and even regions within countries, have their own policies on the treatment of drug addiction. As such, students are tasked with crafting a research paper on the topic so they can see the many avenues of treatment and the laws against drug addiction.


Due to the fact that students are granted a lot of independence and freedom during college, they are also granted the privilege of choosing their own topics for essays. This can be a big leap for students, as in school they have always been given the topic and questions to answer for their essays.

As such, this is the first stumbling block for many students new to college essay writing. However, you do not need t fear any longer as we have you covered with our extensive list of topic collections on drug addiction.

The main key aspects to choosing a good topic is to be able to introduce and analyze many different studies on the topic, as well as being able to introduce other types of resources related to your subject area within drug addiction.

You also need to pick a topic that genuinely interests and intrigues you. If you fail to do this, then your motivation to produce a high quality paper will quickly drop off, and you will notice that you are not fulfilling your potential.

Our list takes these points into consideration and is the reason why we believe all the topics are great for students to write a paper on drug addiction.

  • How effective have policies against drug addiction been in the United States?
  • Analyze the different approaches to drug addiction around the world
  • How effective is putting drug addicts in prison?
  • Should drug sellers and addicts both be persecuted equally?
  • How effective is drug rehabilitation?
  • How can communities fight against drug abuse?
  • How effective is the screening process for drug abuse?
  • Why compels individuals to turn to abusing drugs?
  • Key areas of response to drug abuse?
  • History of psychoactive substances in the United States

These are all excellent topics to choose from and, if composed correctly, will propel you to high marks in your paper. We hope that you are able to choose a topic that genuinely interests you from this list, as we have tried to cover many areas within drug addiction through our list.