Composing A Proper Drug Addiction Research Paper Thesis

Try To Stand Out

Drug addiction is a wide-ranging subject. Many major course studies and individual subjects broadly cover it. Right now, a student is most likely mentioning it in an essay or other type of homework assignment. Another is probably detailing in their term paper. And, a graduate student is undoubtedly investigating it for their thesis or dissertation. In all likelihood, a freelance writer is even writing some kind of article about it.

So, if you’re going to compose a paper about drug addiction, why not stand out and try something unique and possibly creative. Explore an experimental treatment or study how addictions were managed a century ago. Here are several more ideas:

  • prison inmate addiction
  • peer pressure and drug addiction
  • effects of drug decriminalization
  • dangers of synthetic drugs
  • genetics and addiction

There are many more. Use the Internet and, again, use your imagination and be inventive.

Elements of Your Paper

All formal papers follow formats. There’s a format for a thesis and a dissertation. And, there’s a format for papers. Sometimes certain professors and/or courses have particular rules about how they want their papers organized. Your professor probably distributed materials about these matters at the beginning of the term. Mostly, however, all such papers have the following sections:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods/Procedure
  • Results
  • Conclusions/Discussion
  • Bibliography

Your materials should explain what is expected in each section. If not, many easily accessible freelance websites fully detail what should go in each section.

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is the main idea of your project. It covers what you will go over in your paper and what you will support with your evidence. It usually comes after your Introduction.


You are now ready to conduct your research. Start early and take your time. A rushed paper is never all that well prepared. Stay aware and keep an eye out for unlikely sources. You may be doing a seemingly irrelevant homework assignment in another subject and suddenly realize it has something to offer your paper. Take careful notes and cite all potential sources. You never know when you may want to use something you looked at a month ago.

Begin Writing

Take your time here, too. Well-written papers are always the best received. Treat each section of the paper as though it’s an individual essay and make it clear, to the point, with good grammar. Don’t use fancy words in an attempt to sound smart. Simple is always best. And, proofread everything. Several times. It’s easy to miss errors.

With careful planning, understanding, and good effort, you can write an effective research paper on drug addiction.