Practical advice on how to cite information in a research paper

You have to appropriately and correctly cite references in your research paper for the purpose of acknowledging all of your sources and giving due credit to everyone involved. Moreover, citations are instrumental in lending credence to your hard work. When you reference information, you also give interested readers a chance to follow up on various aspects of your writing. It is possible for you to add citations for information that imparts suitable information to your existing work, or go with one that provides alternate views.

When do you need to cite information?

It is important for you to acknowledge your information every time you include a fact or idea obtained from a new source. So, every direct quotation in your paper will have a citation. However, you will also need to include citations when you paraphrase ideas from a separate source. Even if they are explained in your own words, you have to accept that the idea or fact was garnered from someone else and it is important that you provide the right sort of acknowledgement.

Scope of citing information

All your sources must be acknowledged and not just the ones present in articles and books but also computer software, emails, Internet pages, and verbal conversations with other people. Moreover, if you have used any illustrations, figures or other graphic material in any way that was not designed or created by you, it is important that you recognise the sources of these figures.

How to cite information in your research paper?

  • You must always mention the author by his/her last name in the sentence, followed by the year of publication within parenthesis.
  • You must provide all ideas or facts stated by the author and then connect the same to them by putting their last and first name along with the date in parenthesis. You have to make it a point to quote the author as is.
  • The quoted phrase needs to be placed within quotation marks.
  • Then you should start listing the name of the author, the day and date, and in parenthesis, the page number.

Is it necessary for you to format reference lists?

Your information cited list must include every detail you included in your paper. It needs to be arranged in alphabetical order, beginning with the last name of the initial author.