Finding A Sample Research Proposal Paper On Childhood Obesity

You have been assigned a research paper to write on childhood obesity and this comprises a huge part of your grade for the semester. You know you have to make every effort to do well on this because of the time and the money that you have already invested in this. Not to mention the fact that, this here makes up your goals.

What’s a Research Proposal

The first hurdle to cross is that of writing your research proposal. Here is a brief description of what this proposal is and what it can entail.

“A research proposal is a written essay type document that introduces your proposed topic of study. It is basically the precursor to your research paper which tells what you will be researching, why you’re exploring this topic and how exactly are your planning to ensure a successful completion of this paper.”

Where to Find Samples?

  1. The Internet. This seems like the easiest thing to do and so it’s placed first on the list. Just by typing the key words into your favorite search engine you will see the results that are populated. Browse through until you find what you’re looking for. Be wary of the advertisement sites that really just want your click to advertise products and services to you.
  2. Ask your professor. That’s the next obvious solution. Your teacher would have marked several research proposals in his or her time and more than likely have many samples of those that are excellent, fair and bad.
  3. Your University website. A good place to start would be your own university website to see if they have any research proposals in their resources area for students. Even if you don’t find one directly related to childhood obesity, you may find one that is similar or even a general one to give you an idea of what the paper should look like.
  4. Other Universities’ websites. If you don’t have much luck with your university, there are many universities that have research proposal samples. You may have even encountered some when you do a search via your search engine. These are usually the safest ways to ensure that you have the right information.
  5. The Library. The library at your university should be sectioned across disciplines and there is a strong possibility that you will be able to find a research proposal sample there that was conducted by past students.

Parts of the Research Proposal

To identify that the research proposal samples you find are of good quality, do a quick check to ensure that they have the following components:

  • An introduction (reveals the topic you will be studying and the significance of it)
  • Literature review (gives an overview of other studies conducted in the study of childhood obesity and show why these studies are insufficient, hence your research proposal to expound)
  • Rationale (gives the questions that will be asked to form the basis of gathering relevant information for the research.
  • Methodology (shares your data collection method)
  • Conclusion (how your research will prove to be a contribution and beneficial)
  • References (list of your sources used using the correct style format)

You don’t have to choose just one of the methods listed above to find samples of research proposals on childhood obesity. It would be better if you could use a combination of sources to find samples to compare them. The Internet may seem like the easiest and less time consuming, but when using this option ensure that you are using credible sources. I would highly recommend that the first point of contact for research proposal samples on childhood obesity should begin with your professor or faculty advisor.