Crafting A Research Paper On Autism Spectrum Disorders

If you’ve decided to write your research paper on autism spectrum disorders, you might be overwhelmed with the different complexities of the topic. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) covers a group of disorders related to brain development, and there is a large amount of material that you can choose to research to create a compelling paper. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

5 Ideas for Crafting a Research Paper on Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Social Interactions
  • You could focus your paper on the social interactions involved with autism spectrum disorders. This might include the way a person makes eye contact, has a conversation, or interpreting the words and actions of others. Research specific studies that have involved social interactions and make comparisons across the spectrum of developmental disorders.

  • Behaviors
  • There are various degrees of restrictive and repetitive behaviors that can characterize autism. How do certain behaviors tie in with degrees of autism spectrum disorders? Maybe you are curious about the percentage of autistic children with above-average intelligence? Dive into the realm of brain memory and function for a wide range of topics to pursue.

  • Studies in Literature
  • Review literature about past and ongoing studies on autism spectrum disorders. Not only can these papers provide relevant research to be used as citations, but they can also inspire you and help you form new ideas and perspectives. Consider a topic that doesn’t have very much research, compared with the topics that are the most researched.

  • Autism Causes and Genetics
  • What events can occur before, during, and after birth that might influence the occurrence of autism spectrum disorders? Put together various case studies and make meaningful comparisons. How can your paper provide value in a new and interesting way?

  • Advances in Research
  • Scientists know a lot more about autism than they did ten years ago, and it’s likely that they will know a lot more ten years from now. Examine the advancement of research in this field as well as the changes in autism statistics in the past couple of decades.

If your goal is to put together a powerful and thought-provoking research paper on complex and significant subjects such as autism spectrum disorders, use this link to help you find more helpful ideas and support.