What a properly written research paper looks like

Research papers are generally a detailed and methodical essay on a topic, incorporating an original interpretation of the writer on that topic based on research. A well written research paper can be an example of how to write one. Generally, you will find these attributes in a properly written research paper.

The topic is appropriate

This is the first thing you notice about the paper -

The topic is contemporary, relevant and interesting.

It seems that the topic has great research potential.

The structure is proper

As you open the report and instinctively see the table of contents, you see that it contains all the segments with proper labeling.

  • The table of content
  • The abstract
  • The introduction
  • The literature review
  • The research methodology
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

The paper is highly readable

The research paper is an enjoyable read.

  • There is no spelling, grammatical or typographical errors.
  • The language is simple and easy to read.
  • The whole paper adheres to the topic and there is no redundant information.
  • ‘The abstract’ properly describes the whole paper in a nut shell and can also be used as a standalone article in bibliographical and library indexes
  • ‘The introduction’ is clear about the topic and introduces it in an interesting manner.
  • ‘The literature review’ – lists in details all the existing works consulted while writing the paper and also clearly states the existing knowledge on the topic.
  • ‘The research methodology’ describes the details of the research undertaken along with the research parameters.
  • ‘Results and discussion’ presents the test data and research results in a detailed and illustrative manner and analyses them in context of the topic
  • ‘Conclusion’ is brief and summarizes the whole paper while pointing to possible further research areas on the topic.
  • ‘Bibliography’ indexes all the references and citations properly.

The paper is properly presented

Along with the written material the research paper on the whole looks proper.

  • The paper adheres to the formatting of the institute.
  • The results are described in detail with the help of statistical tools where required.
  • The whole paper feels coherent and no section feels out of place.