Hints On A Diabetes Research Paper Thesis Statement

Composing a paper on diabetes is very common in the medical field for medical students. This is due to the fact that the condition is on the rise in many countries due to the widespread rate of obesity among the populace. Due to this, professors commonly task their students with writing a paper thesis on diabetes. In this article, we will discuss some hints on how to make a great paper thesis statement.


Since you thesis statement is linked to the topic you choose to do your paper in, we must take into consideration the topic area within which you will write your paper on diabetes.

When you choose a topic, you must ensure it is in an area in which you genuinely enjoyed learning about during your studies. This means that you should go through your notes to identify the areas that you are genuinely curious about, and in which you will be willing to devote a considerable amount of time to.

Another key concern to take into consideration is that the topic you choose must have a lot of sources related to it. This means that you are able to cite numerous empirical studies and statistical analysis related to the topic of your choosing. We recommend that you cite around 4-5 sources in your paper.

Taking these points into consideration, the following are some of the best topics to write your paper about diabetes on:

  • Keeping kidney cells talking
  • Why is exercise so important for people with type 2 diabetes?
  • Can type 2 treatments preserve beta cell identity?
  • Breaking down blood clots
  • Targeted treatments for kidney disease
  • How are people across different race more or less susceptible to diabetes?
  • How can chronic sufferers of diabetes mitigate the condition?
  • What can be learned from diabetic rats?
  • What role does blood play in the spread and choke of diabetes?
  • Random control of quotients in case of diabetes outpatients


The outline of a research paper is different from other types of essays you may have encountered during college. The following is how your thesis should be split into various sections:

  • Introduction: Here is where you will make your thesis statement. Your thesis statement. It should be clear and specific
  • Literature: Here you discuss the latest research in the topic area of diabetes you are writing about
  • Methodology: In this section, you discuss the methods you will employ to gain the results to test your thesis statement
  • Results: Here, you test your thesis statement against the results you have obtained
  • Conclusion: The conclusion then finalizes whether or not you have gained the evidence to support or disprove your thesis statement ands summarizes the main findings your research.

If you follow our guidelines, then you will be able to write an excellent paper on diabetes, along with a good thesis statement that is clear and specific.